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Is organic better?

Do you have an interest in organic food but think it’s too expensive?

Are you confused as to what organic actually means?

Do you get frustrated by the volume of conflicting information about what to eat?

I have always had a interest in food, but not just the final product on my plate. I was keen to understand what it contained, it’s journey to my plate and what impact it had on my body and the planet. However like most of you out there when life gets busy, we just consume what we can easily get our hands on.

I had a great food education growing up, but as an adult I have struggled to make concious decisions about what I eat. At each major milestone, heading to uni, leaving home, moving overseas and starting a new job, my food shop was always the first thing to suffer. Reaching for easy, fast, comfort food. Mindlessly buying pre-packed, non-sustainable, processed food, full of goodness knows what. I hate to think of the carbon foot print I left behind from my diet alone.

Stumbling Blocks
As I reach the next milestone, turning 30 and taking my career in a new direction, I realise this time I wanted to do things differently. But where to start? I have spent the last few years putting career first and food last. I feel like I have forgotten everything I know about food. Logically I figured the first step was to talk with friends about making healthy and sustainable food choices in London. Quickly I came across three key stumbling blocks:
1. People don’t have a great understanding of what ORGANIC means.
2. Organic food is generally perceived as TOO EXPENSIVE for most, and
3. There is a lot of CONFLICTING INFORMATION about what healthy and sustainable food is.
So I turned to the world of podcasts, blogs and government health websites, the more I read the more confused I got.
Where to from here…

So my plan is to read, research and initiate conversation about healthy and sustainable food, with the goal to provide you and I with a really simple framework /guide to make good choices about the food we consume.

By this time next year:

1. We will have a better understanding of organics.
2. We will know how to access healthy and sustainable food on a tight budget.
3. We will be armed with the tools to easily identify what healthy and sustainable food actually is and what to do with it.
Together let’s shop and eat, confidently and consciously!
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