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DIY Key Hanger

Mid Century Modern inspired key hanger.

I'm always giving Matt a hard time for leaving his keys strewn about the place. So the in laws suggested we buy a key hanger. I tried searching online and quickly realised we weren't going find one that ticked all the boxes or was in our budget. We decided the solution was to make one ourselves.
Matt found a piece of wood left over from our last DIY project, which seemed like a good starting point. We both love Mid Century Modern design and came across some great examples online.
So with an idea in mind we headed to Homebase for some paint, dowels and a flat wood bit (a drill bit used to form holes with a flat bottom). 
Here's what you'll need for this project:
  • A piece of wood approx 400W x 150H x 18D mm
  • Wooden dowel 15mm diam
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Tape Measure / Ruler
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Power Drill with two drill bits: Flat Wood bit 16mm + Wood bit 3mm
  • Paint - we used Home of Colour Mountain Rain - Matt Emulsion Paint
  • Masking Tape / Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush - we used a 16mm Flat brush
  • Small Picture Ring
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot Glue gun + Glue sticks
Step 1. Place a piece of masking tape along the middle of the piece of wood. Using your Tape Measure / Ruler and a pencil mark the center point of the wood. Then along the centre line mark where you want to place your dowels. We wanted 5 pegs so I put a mark at every 6.6cm.
Step 2. Using the Flat Wood bit, drill a hole into the wood at each of the points you've marked out. NOTE: The wooden doweling will nest in these holes so DON'T drill all the way through the wood, only drill half way down. 
Step 3. Measure out your dowel pieces, we wanted them to be 5.5cm in length. Then using the saw cut them to length. 
Step 4. Measure out your skewers and cut to length. We wanted them to be 2cm long. 
Step 5. Using the 3mm Wood bit drill a small hole approx 1.5cm from the end of each piece of dowel.
Step 6. Sand off any rough edges on the dowels and skewer pieces and assemble to create the pegs.
Step 7. Tape off your piece of wood to mark out what ever shape you want to create. We taped ours to create a triangle.
Step 8. Then paint the pegs and wooden board. Follow the instructions that come with the paint you use, regarding drying time. 
Step 9. Once all dried use the Hot Glue Gun to glue the dowels into the holes.
Step 10. Add the picture rings to the back and...Voila you now have your very own key hanger. Now to hang your keys. 
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